Porsche extends its commitment to Formula E

Stuttgart has committed to stick around in the Formula E paddock for the next generation of cars touted as the GEN4 

One of the most successful racing labels in the globe – Porsche, during the first-ever Shangai e Prix announced their commitment to the pinnacle of electric racing- Formula E for the next generation of vehicles touted as GEN4 in 2026 and at least till 2030.

This announcement came as a sigh of relief for Formula E – as Porsche’s decision to stick around the Formula E paddock brings a certain value and prestige that not many brands can offer to the series – Porsche has been around few racing categories in its life span and experienced an unprecedented amount of success.

Porsche committing to the series for the long term – does more good for the Formula E championship than for Porsche – after the heavy influx of renowned manufacturers joining the grid Formula E has also seen some major names leaving the championship – Mercedes Benz and Audi being the most notable one.

Mercedes decided to bid adieu to the Electric championship after back-to-back championship-winning seasons, and Audi which was among the founding members of the Championship and series champions. which left many fans and prospective new entrants questioning the championships’ long-term prospects.

Porsche staying and that for a considerable period solidifies Formula E and its future and gives a hint at something solid in the work which has convinced Porsche to allocate a considerable amount of their resources to Formula E, especially when their hands are tied up in multiple avenues of Motorsports starting from their Hypercar program to their GT3 outings.

Porsche is in its fifth season and has been moderately successful since joining the grid with their Porsche 99X Electric but not to the extent as their German compatriots they did in a way win a championship last season when Jack Dennis clinched the title, driving an Andretti Avalanche car powered by Porsche powertrains.

This is what “The evolution of racing vehicles shows how much development potential there is in e-mobility. Going forward, we want to glean even more knowledge from Formula E that we can transfer to our roadgoing sports cars. Like Formula E, we want to add innovative technologies and increased sustainability to motorsport – and be at the cutting edge of new developments,” said Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President of Porsche Motorsport.

“Porsche’s commitment to Formula E for the new GEN4 era is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and motorsport. It epitomises their confidence in our championship that will, in 2026, be entering an exciting new chapter. Alongside the FIA, Formula E is at the forefront of electric motorsport, perfectly aligning with Porsche’s vision for the future of racing and automotive development. While they continue to use Formula E as a platform for innovation and electric road-car development, their involvement as a manufacturer in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship ensures it retains its position as one of the more thrilling and competitive series in world motorsport.” Alberto Longo, Chief Championship Officer and Co-Founder, Formula E

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