Metalverse becomes India’s first DIY motorcycle accessory brand

The new brand will retail custom accessories that can be installed by bikers themselves

Passion brings people together as it did with five experienced riders who came together in 2014 to launch one of South India’s most reputable mid-range and premium motorcycle accessories retailers, the Bandidos Pitstop. Now, this brand has set up a manufacturing facility for itself to launch premium-quality motorcycle accessories under its new brand, Metalverse.

Metalverse gets launched in India to revolutionize the two-wheeler industry by providing riders with unique designs and custom-made DIY accessories that they can install themselves. With this, Metalverse boasts the title of India’s first DIY motorcycle accessories production company.

What sets Metalverse apart from its competition is “ its commitment to developing unique designs for each bike model that allows riders to install the accessories themselves. This not only saves riders money but also empowers them to customize their bikes according to their preferences.” Developing a categorization system that enables riders to quickly and easily search for the accessories best suited for their bikes is another key strategy adopted by the new bike accessory brand.

“We want to empower riders by giving them the tools they need to customize their bikes in a way that reflects their personality,” said Mr Mahesh V M, the co-founder and National Supercross champion.

A new state-of-the-art facility has been built in Coimbatore, fully equipped with modern technology and equipment. Murshid Basheer, Founder of Metalverse, says, “Our facility is the first organized manufacturing unit in this segment in India with everything from research and development to design and production under a single umbrella. We are the first to introduce modern 3D scanning technology in motorcycle accessories manufacturing. Our focus on unique designs, DIY installation, strategic analytics, and rider engagement will set us apart from others and make Metalverse the go-to brand for motorcycle enthusiasts”.

The modern factory and technology setup helped Metalverse become the first motorcycle accessories manufacturer in the country with a dedicated Research and Development team and committed rider community for testing products in all terrains. The parent firm, Bandidos Pitstop, currently enjoys a presence in niche markets across 40 countries and its newly launched subsidiary plans to manufacture accessories for both Indian and international markets.

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