Complicate and add batteries: Hot Wheel’s Lotus Evija

Here’s one that I was pretty surprised to find. I almost wish I hadn’t, though, to be honest. My bias is going to show through in this review, so buckle up.


I do not like the Evija; mostly because I don’t understand it. A few short years ago, their lineup consisted of a lightweight roadster, an extreme track slaying version of said lightweight roadster, and a sexy grand tourer. Now, you’ll find a newer grand tourer, an SUV of all things, and this crazy hypercar. It’s a $2.3 million dollar hypercar powered by four electric motors. That just doesn’t sound like a Lotus to me. I get what they are trying to accomplish; prove to the world that Lotus can evolve with electrification. Why does it need all this excess though? Why not an electrified Elise? Oh wait, someone already did that…

I’m not sure I’m a fan of the Hot Wheels car either. For something that’s supposed to have been “Carved by Air”, this seems to be stuffed full of plastic. I get the look Mattel was going for, but I don’t think it was well executed. The yellow plastic appears to fill the voids, not create the essence of them. Hood vents that lead nowhere. The massive side vents do not lead to the rear ports; each cut off from the other. To make things worse, the swirls that occur in the plastic casts make all this more obvious to the eye.

Adding insult to injury, my car’s casting is a hot mess. It is full of dimples and pimples, which spoil the gorgeous shade of British Racing Green sprayed over it. The gap between the tires and the wheel wells is far too much. This rally car ride height does nothing to disguise the yellow interior and vent plastic lurking beneath.

Maybe a recolor will yield better results and change my mind. Something with a color-matched body and vent filler piece might work, but we will have to see. Lotus themselves have been working on the Evija for over four years now, so their fans are used to not holding their breath.

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