Arnold & Son launches a new Double Tourbillon White Gold

This one-of-a-kind grand complication timepiece with two tourbillons and two time-displays, features a gorgeous Baltic amber dial.

“A new material has joined Arnold & Son’s creative repertoire. A first in watchmaking, Baltic amber or ‘tiger’ amber further enhances the collection of extraordinary dials created by the house. The rich, moiré yellow of this exceptionally rare material surrounds the two iconic tourbillons in the eponymous collection. The amber brings softness and texture to the grey gold of the case and skeletonised bridges and the pure white of the opal hour dials, as well as an array of different and unique reflections, in the image of this exceptional and vibrant one-off edition.”

Arnold & Son has just unveiled a new version of its Double Tourbillon White Gold featuring a Baltic or ‘tiger’ amber dial. It is limited to one piece.

Amber Dial

“Amber is the fossilized resin of a wide variety of plants, particularly conifers, which grew on the Baltic Sea coast some 44 million years ago. Carried away by rising water levels, the plant matter began the geologically slow process of transformation. It gave rise to this precious, highly sought-after, symbolically rich material of astonishing aesthetic refinement.”

While translucent orange amber is more well known, Baltic or ‘tiger’ amber is creamy in appearance and comes in several colours. Arnold & Son has chosen a warm, moiré yellow shade. “Exposure to sunlight will alter the shade of the stone over time. This will cause a perceptible change in the colour and opacity of the material, which will age very differently depending on how its wearer uses the timepiece.”

John Arnold, Chronometry and World Time

John Arnold (1736 – 1799), the famed English watchmaker and namesake of Arnold & Son brand, is known for his pioneering work on “marine chronometers, his revolutionary vision and his decisive role in calculating longitude at sea.” He crafted marine chronometers that had to survive the severe conditions of the high seas and provide accurate timekeeping.

The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition, is based on chronometry and world time, two of John Arnold’s works fundamental principles. “His aim in producing marine chronometers was to simplify and reproduce a reliable means of time measurement. The goal was to retain knowledge of the time at a journey’s starting point. By comparing this to the time in the place of measurement, taken by observing true solar noon, ocean navigators could measure their position on the east-west axis, i.e. their longitude.”

The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition, preserves this legacy by featuring two time-display dials. Local time is displayed on the dial at 12 o’clock featuring Roman numerals. Reference time or time at another location is displayed on the dial at 6 o’clock featuring Arabic numerals. Both display time independent of each other and are useful when time zones are offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes, a feature not available on most dual time and world time watches.

Functions and Complications

The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition, has the following functions and complications:

– Local time displayed at 12 o’clock dial featuring Roman numerals.

– Independent reference time at 6 o’clock dial featuring Arabic numerals.

– Two tourbillons at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.



The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition, has three dials. Their features include the following:

– Its main dial is crafted from Baltic or ‘tiger’ amber, featuring a warm, moiré yellow shade.

– The two time-display dials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are crafted from white opal.

– Dial at 12 o’clock features Roman numerals and dial at 6 o’clock features Arabic numerals. Both feature blued hour and minute hands, skeletonized at their tip.



The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition, is powered by mechanical, hand-wound calibre A&S8513 which features 2 barrels. It powers the two time zones and two tourbillons.

“The sapphire crystal is convex to accommodate the depth of the two tourbillons, which are in turn each secured to a three-dimensional, skeletonised, cantilevered bridge in white gold. They are also at the end of a double gear train. The A&S8513 calibre is thus equipped with two barrels, two crowns and two time zones.”

Its features and movements finishings include:

– It has a diameter of 37.30 mm and a thickness of 8.35 mm.

– It has 42 jewels.

– It beats at a frequency of 21,600 vph or 3 Hz.

– It has a power reserve of 90 hours.

– NAC-treated mainplate features a circular-grained finish.

– NAC-treated bridges are polished and chamfered and feature radiating Côtes de Genèva stripes.

– Rhodium-plated wheels are polished and beveled and feature a circular-grained finish.

– Chatons are made of 18K white gold.

– Screws are chamfered and feature mirror-polished heads.

– On its dial side, the 18K white gold tourbillon bridges are mirror-polished, satin-finished and hand chamfered.

– The 2 tourbillon carriages are polished and hand chamfered.


Case and Strap

The Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition’s case and strap have the following features:

– Its case is made of 18K white gold.

– It has a case diameter of 43.50 mm.

– On its dial side, it has a domed sapphire crystal, which features anti-reflective coating on both sides.

– On its caseback side, it has a sapphire crystal which features anti-reflective coating.

– It features 2 crowns, one at 2 o’clock and one at 8 o’clock.

– It has a water resistance of 3 bar / 30 metres / 100 feet.

– It comes with a hand-stitched jungle-green alligator leather strap, which features papaya-yellow alligator leather lining.

– Its folding clasp buckle is made of 18K white gold.


Additional Details

Name: Double Tourbillon White Gold, amber edition.

Reference: 1DTAW.Z07A.C291W

Limited to 1 piece. Please contact Arnold & Son if interested.

Price: Swiss Franc (CHF): 227,100 (including VAT). Prices subject to change.

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