You can now wear your NFT on your wrist courtesy of TAG Heuer

…or you can just grab a screenshot? (kidding)

TAG Heuer, part of LVHM luxury group, are diving deeper into the crypto rabbit hole with a cool feature for the Connected, the brand’s first and so far only smartwatch.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Swiss watch manufacturer introduced a crypto payment option (through BitPay) for its U.S. website and it has now launched an upgrade for the Connected Caliber E4, allowing NFT owners to display their crypto asset on the dial.

Of course, some people will inevitably point out that you can just take a screenshot and set it up as your screensaver and… they’d be 100% correct. But that’s also beside the point.

They call it a ‘Caliber’ but that’s a term that’s normally used to talk about the movement of a watch, whereas this being a smartwatch, I reckon the term ‘software’ or even better ‘OS’ is more appropriate.

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Shivaum Punjabi
13 days ago

I guess they want to be ready for the change in the watch industry when it eventually happens.

Shivaum Punjabi
Reply to  Alessandro Renesis
11 days ago

going completely digital

Yash Agarwal
13 days ago

Damnn, the future has caught on with wristwatches…
And we’ll now see more and more of digital integration to our watches. Not my thing.
Still prefer manual dials

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