This Manhart-Tuned X3 M Competition Packs 650hp

The MHX3 650 also boasts a custom exhaust system with valve control for more theatre.

The standard BMW X3 M Competition (F97 LCI) is, essentially, a go-fast M3 with the overalls of a sensible SUV. So, if Manhart can do what it does best to the M3, why not to its sibling? Enter the Manhart MHX3 650, based on the X3 M model mentioned above.

The standard X3 M Competition packs a turbocharged 3.0-litre engine that outputs 510hp/650Nm. The Manhart MHX3 650 features an MHtronic auxiliary control unit that adds 140hp/150Nm. That means a peak punch measuring 650hp and 800Nm. Manhart’s custom exhaust system, made of stainless steel, not only optimises the flow of unwanted air but, courtesy of a valve control system, adds to the theatre. Manhart sports downpipes with 200-cell HJS catalytic converters and four 100mm carbon-coated outlets complete the exhaust system. One could even opt for a ceramic finish on those tailpipes.

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The Manhart MHX3 650 also makes a significant visual impact, starting with its carbon aerodynamic kit. That includes the front spoiler, side skirts with side fins, roof spoiler, and rear diffuser. And no one’s getting past Manhart’s décor trim, which, in this case, is satin silver over a dark blue body colour.

Sprucing up doesn’t stop there as the MHX3 650 dons Manhart’s multi-spoke 22-inch black alloys with silver accents. The tyre profiles at the front and rear are 255/35ZR22 and 295/30ZR22. Accompanying the wheels are red brake callipers, part of BMW’s M Compound braking system. Yes, the German tuner does have upgrade options too. The suspension has also been customised, with Manhart installing lowering springs by H&R. Those lower the ride height by about 30mm.

Indoors, the BMW M Performance trim dominates the aura. However, for that extra something, Manhart has installed carbon fibre paddle shifters. One could even have customised upholstery to ensure no one forgets it is a Manhart-tuned BMW.

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