This KTM could Break the E-Scooter’s Market

KTM is working on E-Scooter that looks quite radical and I am all for it

I’ve been on the internet this morning and came across an article posted on a Motorrad website that caught my intrigue and was about a man in an orange KTM gear testing a camouflaged scooter that seemingly suggests KTM is working on an e-Scooter. Some pictures that were shared on the Motorrad website, suggest the scooter in typical KTM fashion looks radical and stands apart from the rest of the crop of E-Scooters.

The Electric Scooters market is on a steady rise globally but more so in India, a country whose lifeline runs on two-wheeled mopeds, which have become a workhorse for Indians regardless of their work or societal standards owning a scooter in a traffic dense populated cities more of a necessity than a luxury and with the soaring fuel prices, electric scooter are well poised to take over the mantle from their ICE counterparts. And in recent times brands like Ola and Ather have introduced the average consumers to the cool factor of owning an EV, with their fancy gizmos and acceleration that could put a smile on your face while on the way to your 9-5 desk job.

Pretty sure KTM wants to join in on the action as well and have a share of the pie when the whole scooter market supposedly shifts toward electric mobility.

A few years back KTM showcased its electric scooter concept and now the prototype was seen wandering on the streets of Europe, although the prototype seen in the picture isn’t a finished product we could deduce some styling elements and take a guess at the more crucial mechanical aspects of the scooter.

The design does reflect a radical approach very atypical of KTMs’ existing and predating models, but not as in-your-face as the concept shown a few years before, another notable feature that can be easily recognized is the aluminum swingarm, which is very KTM indeed, and a standout spec over its theoretical competitors in its supposed segment. Other bits that can be visible from the pictures are disc brakes at both ends, alloy wheels, and a hefty Digital Instrument Cluster that can be seen.

If we go by the whispers floating online, this e-Scooter could be equipped with an 8kW motor to propel the scooter forward which might be co-develop with Bajaj, and its no news that both companies have been working on a common EV platform to develop their respective models in the future.

KTM might be showcasing a production-ready model later this year at EICMA and a global launch a year later. And being an existing E-scooter owner I can’t be any more excited about this scooter as a potential upgrade, knowing how well this scooter might tackle some sets of corners since it carries the KTM moniker on its body and more so excited to find out how well can KTM take advantage of low center of gravity that comes as trade-off due to the placement of the battery pack.

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