Four New Porsche EVs Inbound

The first one will be the all-new Macan, slated for a 2024 launch.

It isn’t a secret the next-gen Porsche Macan will be an all-electric affair. This was confirmed by the Stuttgart-based brand years ago. In fact, some technical details have also surfaced, including a 100kWh lithium-ion battery, two electric motors and over 600hp on tap. Hopefully, all will be revealed by this year’s end, as Porsche says the electric Macan will start reaching customers in 2024.

So, that’s one out of the four covered. Moving to the second EV in the works. That’ll be the next-gen 718. Yes, you read that correctly! The baby of the carmaker’s range will also go fully electric and should be up for grabs by 2025. Also, Porsche says, “in the medium term, it will only be available as an all-electric model.”

The third EV in the lineup is the fourth-gen Cayenne. Porsche confirmed this during its annual press conference, like the other electric models in the pipeline. Of course, it is too soon to talk specs. But the electric Cayenne should be on the market by 2026. That comes on the back of Porsche’s sales goal for 2030 – delivering more than 80 per cent of its new vehicles as all-electric models. Besides the EV-heavy sales target, Porsche wants to achieve a net carbon-neutral value chain for its cars in 2030.

Until the next-gen Cayenne arrives, Porsche won’t sit idle with the current one. In 2023, a thoroughly upgraded version of the SUV is due to arrive. The updates include three “further-developed” plug-in hybrid derivatives, delivering better ranges. The SUV will also receive a reworked chassis, which, as per Porsche, will help provide even more of just about everything.

The fourth EV planned will also be an SUV, slotting above the Cayenne in the carmaker’s model tree. The brand says, “ this new vehicle concept is designed to offer strong performance and automated driving functions with the typical Porsche flyline, along with a completely new experience inside the vehicle. This will be based on the platform SSP Sport developed by Porsche.”

So, which out of the four Porsche EVs are you most excited about?

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