Emirates And Safran Sign Contracts Worth USD 1.2 Billion

Dubai-based airline Emirates has been rather busy this week. After announcing an investment towards a new engineering facility and completing agreements with Boeing for 95 new aircraft, the carrier is back with another development. It has inked contracts with USD 1.2 billion with Safran. This includes a USD 1 billion deal for the latest-gen seats for Emirates’ new fleet of Airbus A350, Boeing 777X-9, and the existing Boeing 777-300 and Airbus A380 jets.

The agreement includes Business, Premium Economy and Economy class seats for Emirates’ Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777X-9. Besides seats, Safran will also supply Galleys for both aforementioned aircraft. Furthermore, Emirates will receive the RAVE AeroConnect Ka solution from Safran Passenger Innovations. According to the airline, this new technology will uplift inflight connectivity to provide flexibility in entertainment. Also, 50 Airbus A350, 60 Airbus A380 and 50 Boeing 777X-9 will be fitted with Safran’s agnostic satcom connectivity solution. The contracts also cover the supply of wheels and carbon brakes for the Emirates A350.

Other contracts cover the maintenance, repair and overhaul parameters. For instance, Safran Landing Services will provide services for the A380’s Nose Land Gear and the aircraft’s landing systems lifecycle. Also, Emirates has inked a 10-year service agreement with Safran Aerosystems that covers repair and maintenance for Boeing 777 safety and cabin system components.

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