Aston Martin is making big news in recent days. From the launch of the DBX, their first-ever SUV to announcing their new V12 speedster and, rumours floating around that they might be bought over by Geely which is a Chinese automotive manufacturer who owns Lotus and Volvo.

However, I am here to talk about the Valhalla. The Valhalla is an all-carbon fibre hypercar inspired by the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR. Built-in collaboration with Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey this car embodies all the F1 know-how learnt from their time spent racing around F1 circuits.

The engine that drives this mystical beast is a V6 turbocharged engine with a battery-electric hybrid system. It produces roughly around a thousand HP. In today’s times that may not seem a lot; however, this car at first glimpse looks super light, and I am sure this would be super quick.

It looks the part of a race-car and when you sit in it the seat position is fixed with the pedals and steering adjusted for length.

This car is touring the Middle East. Starting with the showcase at the Riyadh Motor Show then going to Oman and finally reaching the shores of Dubai where I had access to it.

Only five hundred units will be built, and Aston Martin claims to have ready buyers for all of them. When compared to the Valkyrie’s 150 units, these 500 units seem like a lot. The Valhalla will be making an appearance in the new James Bond movie as well.