If you are into watches, you know exactly what I am going to say next. You buy a watch, and you say to yourself, “That is it. No more watches this year. And two months down the line, you start fancying another watch, leading you to start checking out various brands, price points, and deals available in the market.

This is exactly what happened to me. I was invited to multiple watch events, and usually, these events are in the mall where all the brands are next to each other. It is but obvious that you end up looking at other stores. A friend in my watch club bought the Tudor Black Bay and shared pictures on the group chat. Now the watch in the picture had a lot of character. I go down to the Tudor Boutique and ask for the Black Bay. It was not in stock, and it is on the wishlist, typically in Rolex style. Oh, FYI, Tudor is a sister brand of Rolex. Coming back to the watch, the salesperson offered to show me the Black Bay 58, which is their new model in a 39mm dial. I tried it on. However, I was not happy with the weight, look and fabric strap. It did not feel like a premium brand to me at that time. A few days later, I walked into a multi-brand watch boutique and retried the regular Black Bay again. This time I tried the Black Bay with the black face and bezel and instantly fell in love.

The modern Black Bay is a reincarnation of the original Black Bay from 1954, with the launch reference number 7922. It is a solidly built watch, and you can feel and enjoy the heft on your wrist, with a large, clear and legitimate domed face which makes it easier to read underwater. Following the form over function rule, the Big Crown, another Tudor heritage inspiration, is easy to use. The hands are known as “Snowflake” hands are inspired by the watches supplied to the French Navy. Tudor also supplied watches to the US Navy.

The details on the watch are lovely. The time markers and text on the face are in a lovely bronze colour giving the watch a lot of character. The red bezel Black Bay has a red on the back of the crown as well. These small touches make the watch stand out and give it a lot of character. In 2015, TUDOR announced its first in-house calibre in its history, the MT5602, which has a 70-hour power reserve. The Black Bay also has a diving depth of 660 feet or 200 meters.

I ended up liking the watch so much that I bought it. So voila! Here it is, my Tudor Black Bay.