We drive the Cayenne Turbo in Dubai.


Any car packing a 550hp V8 and weighing more than 2.0-tonnes and claiming to have a 0-100kmh sprint of 3.9 seconds, off-road capability with a top speed of 286 kph is spelling out trouble in more ways than you can imagine.


Jail and prison time.

This car is so fast that it can bankrupt you with speeding fines or worse – land you in jail!


You will not want a home.

It is so luxurious with two-tone leather and wood, adaptive air suspension, ventilated front seats, air-ionizer, Bose surround sound and a 12-inch infotainment screen that you will not want to have a home and probably just want to live in your car.


Sometimes you feel too overwhelmed by the electronic butlers trying to keep you from killing yourself when you think you are invincible. Yes, this car makes you feel like a god of speed.


You do not understand the meaning of terrain or roads or lane markings. The car comes with a brilliant mind of its own (read as computer). Set it up to the surface you are on and it does the rest. It makes you feel like you can go anywhere and everywhere and you truly can. However, would I like to do that in a $190,000 car? Oh! and you can specify and off-road pack which comes with an underbody tray. Definitely get that. – Sunrise with the Turbo.



The Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a brilliant car. It has a huge power reserve which can be deployed in an instant with a touch a really small inconspicuous button. I would rather make this button big and RED and call it TURBO or something. So that my inner child can grin ear to ear at the instant torque that is deployed.

It is super luxurious with endless options of customization. I will need to make a brochure to mention all these options and amenities.

With the amount of performance, handling and off-roading ability it offers you really need all the electronic nannies and safety features at your disposal. Just imagine a decade back you would need to buy 3 separate cars to full-fill the role this one car can achieve.

Thanks to Porsche Centre Dubai and Northern Emirates for this brilliant car.

Also thanks to Central Park Towers, DIFC, Dubai for letting us film at their beautiful location. Here is a link to their website www.centralparktowers.ae/.