Now I am sure a lot of people here will know technical details about this car or know the historical significance, etc. If they do not know, I am sure google can solve that issue for them.

This car is my first ever drive of a V12 engined car and I am sure there will be a lot more of them to come! 🙂

This car is an understated car. It does not shout look at me! It says there is a person of class and substance. The navy blue/dark blue color of this car is beautiful and goes perfectly with tan interiors. Oh! and what interiors. The most beautiful seats with a wooden steering wheel. I love wooden steering wheels. They just look so elegant and classy. There is something really special about the glossy veneer of a wooden steering wheel.

-Interiors of a 365 GTB

-Oh! that steering wheel

Now this being a V12 GT car does exactly what it is designed to do. Be smooth, comfortable , luxurious and make sure you arrive in perfect style. I can imagine a Hollywood celebrity arriving for a red carpet event in this car.

-reminds me a speedboat

The engine has enough horsepower to drive smoothly and comfortably at modern highway speeds. It has enough grunt to perform overtaking manoeuvres on the highway. The steering wheel weighs perfectly informing you exactly what the car is up-to and what it wants to do.

-Shark Face

Now this car was a hardtop which was converted to Spyder spec by the owner. When I drove it with the top down it just felt perfect. Like it was made to do this, and what a conversation opener this car is.

-Shark and Speedboats combined

You have a modern Ferrari no one will come talk to you. Everyone will look at it admire it but no one will come talk to you about it. Now this car on the other-hand is something else.

-Good Morning

Mornings require breakfast and in this case as well we went to eat after the photoshoot. We couldn’t go in for one hour as we kept on getting chatted too upon by someone who saw the car and fell in love with it.


You want friends? buy this car !

-Open Road

Drive Time