A morning with an #italian hatchback

-4 Seater Wedge

Aerodynamics is the key to all automotive design. With this, you have to factor in safety, performance, comfort, space, mechanical parts and all of these have to come together and work together between all the rules and regulations laid down by governments. Mastering physics is easy in comparison to mastering legislation. The cherry on the above cake is an accountant. Now if you want to do anything great, make sure the accounts department is on your side. Otherwise, they will just shut you down.

In light of the above situation, car designers have a big task ahead of them to design an appealing looking car. Keeping in mind that the basic shape every car designer has in their arsenal is the wedge. Considering the above, they are doing a decent job with putting out good looking cars.

-Front to back


A big inspiration for car designers is the animal community. The natural forms created by nature and they getting perfected with years of evolution is a good place to take some inspiration from. Sharks being one of the most aerodynamic creatures around, taking inspiration from their snout to design a car’s snout, in my mind is a good way to start.

Oh, by the way, the front end of this car reminds me of a shark smiling. Remember Bruce from Finding Nemo?

-Can you see the slight grin ?

Coming to the car in photographs, the Ferrari GTC4LussoT. Now, this is a good looking car in my books. It actually is longer than it looks, it is longer than the Range Rover Sport! Photographs actually make it look smaller than it is. I wanted my viewers to try to take in as much as possible when they look at the pictures.

-Long Boy

The car has a good flow of leading lines on it. When you start from the nose the lines take you easily to the rear end making you observe the car effortlessly. The doors are pretty bland when compared to rest of the car. The only lines on them being the curved lines which come in from the top and bottom part of the front quarter panel.

-Twinkle in my eye

I particularly like the rear taillights which remind me of the Ferrari F430 Spyder. Incidentally, the F430 was the first Ferrari I drove in my life. That also in the French Riveria. Oh! I digress. That is a story for another time.




Even though through the pictures the rear end of this car may look small it can actually fit a 6 feet tall person inside easily. However, headroom is another topic altogether.

-Care to sit behind?

Now the interiors of this car are pretty cool. I usually do not like red as an interior color choice but it kind of works for me in this car. The signature pieces of the interiors for me however is are jet turbine styled ac vents and the carbon fiber steering wheel. I usually do not like carbon fiber splattered all around but in the case of this steering wheel, it looks exceptionally good. It looks like the natural trim to be had in this car.

-Carbon Fibre & Red


-Carbon Fibre