Ferrari 512TR


When you get a chance to photograph a modern classic Ferrari at the worlds 9th busiest port you do not say no. You keep your fingers crossed and pray that they do not change anything last minute.

When the marketing manager of Jebel Ali Port in Dubai port met me at a dinner party and started discussing my car photographs and asks me ” would you like to photograph a car at the port”? I was like “hell yeah”!

All I could imagine for the next two months ( while permissions were sorted) were the yellow overhead gantry cranes and the Ferrari 512 TR in Giallo Modena. That is yellow in Ferrari speak. The sharp angles and strakes in contrast with giant container ships, trucks and cranes.

Looks like it is on an aircraft carrier.


The Ferrari 512 TR or Testarossa is one of the most recognizable Ferraris’ ever. One because it was one of the largest produced Ferrari. Two thanks to Miami Vice it became a household name and a TV icon. We all know that famous movie/TV cars tend to live throughout history and are one of the most coveted cars out there. Also, it was owned by a huge list of Hollywood A-listers of that point in time.

I remember as a child when someone mentioned to me Ferrari only two designs came to mind. One was the 512 and the other was the F50 and obviously the color Rosso Corsa.


Designed as a mid-engine car with a flat 12 boxer engine putting out 385 BHP it was the last flat 12 boxer engine to be used by Ferrari.


Who would think that one of the most iconic design cues of a modern classic Ferrari would come due to an internal plumbing issue of the BB 512i?

The side intakes were designed by Wolverine. He used to work at Pininfarina at that point in time. He was sleeping once and had a nightmare. He leaped up screaming and shouting. Slashing at everything he ended up slashing and creating the side ducts on the 512 TR prototype lying in the design studio.

Next morning when Leonardo Fioravanti the head of the design team that designed the 512TR and many other contemporary Ferraris reached the design studio he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Wolverine a mere apprentice had solved the entire problem of the interior cabin heating up.

Leonardo and his team moved the engine to the amidships of the car and attached one radiator each side solving the problem of cabin heating faced with the BB 512i. This is how one of Ferrari’s most iconic design was created. It was created to solve cabin heating issues faced by the previous model.



Considering that this is a 30 year old design. It still looks relevant and modern. A lot of people who do not know much about cars ( that is most of human population) think this is a modern car. That is like a huge pat on the back for the design team at Pininfarina. Considering the fact that Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra have bought Pininfarina I hope they start making better looking cars.

This is an everyday drivable car. It costs pretty much the same to buy today as a modern Ferrari. This fine specimen above is very well taken care off and is for sale for $200,000. What would you buy a modern Ferrari or this above car. Let me know in the comments section.

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