Are you ready to relearn A-Z?

Maserati is celeberating 106 years of being in existance and with thier new sports car the MC20 just around the corner they have the right to make some noice (get the pun?). With a lot of developments happening in their range when it comes to electrification and their halo Trofeo models it is an exciting time for Maserati.

So how did they celeberate? They celeberated by trying to make all of us relearn the alphabet and the technique used is a film. In 4 minutes, the film features over 30 models and a modern, eclectic cast, which convey a timeless spirit.

The Soundtrack is a special “Maserati Mix” of the iconic “The Chase” by Giorgio Moroder.

The Maserati Alphabet: the alphabet of audacity

A – Alfieri

B – Bora, Boomerang, Biturbo

C – Customise

D – Design

E – Electrification

F – Fast

G – GranTurismo

H – Heartbeat

I – Innovation

J – Just one Look

K – Keep Dreaming Big

L – (True) Love

M – Made in Modena

N – Nettuno

O – Original

P – Passion

Q – Quattroporte

R – Rebel

S – Sound

T – Trident

U – Unorthodox

V – Visceral

W – Winning in Style

X – Xtravagant

Y – Yours Forever

Z – Zooming into the Future