The most powerful Lamborghini V12 ever

Lamborghini just announced their latest hypercar. More details are to be unveiled during the upcoming summer months; however, what we know for the time being is that it is going to be the most powerful V12 from Lamborghini ever!

However, it is going to be a track-only car. Known as the Lamborghini SCV12: Squadra Corse it has a V12 and will exceed 830 HP with high levels of supercharging and aerodynamics at play.

Here is what Lamborghini has let us know that is coming in this car.

1- The most powerful V12 from Lamborghini ever

2- Produces more than 830HP

3- Has a supercharger

4- Is for track only

5- It has higher downforce than a GT3 car

6- The front bonnet has a double air intake and a central rib directing airflow to the ram-air intake scoop located on the roof.

7- This directs dynamic air pressure created by the car’s movement to increase static air pressure in the engine’s intake manifold, creating greater airflow through the engine and increasing power. The car’s clear track intent and aerodynamic efficiency are further enhanced by the prominent splitter at the front, lateral flicks and vertical fins on the side sills, while at the rear is a custom-built carbon fibre rear wing.

8- It is RWD

9- Has a full carbon fibre chassis

10- It incorporates a sequential six-speed gearbox as a structural element within the chassis

11- It has Pirelli slick tires with 19′ in the front and 20′ at the back

12- A rear pushrod suspension directly installed on the gearbox

The SCV12 will be assembled and built at the Squadra Corsa factory, making it a proper racing car. The customers will be handpicked of elite Lamborghini customers and will get to experience the car at the world’s best tracks and will be trained on how to drive this beast of a car!

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