Lamborghini used hi-tech to launch their new car

With the entire world sitting at home, Lamborghini decided to launch their new sportscars online. But not just the typical fashion with a live stream video. They decided to go the hi-tech route by using Augmented Reality. What is Augmented Reality or AR for short? Well, AR is when a physical object can be superimposed on top anything in physical reality virtually. Confused? Let me simplify it. With AR, you can point at the floor with your phone or tablet and then object that needs to be displayed (in Lamborghini’s case the car). Or in your driveway or in your garage or in your living room like I did.

Not only can you see the car in your preferred surrounding, but you can also rotate it and scale it to the desired size. Lamborghini also lets you hear the engine sound in 8D and that V10 sounds phenomenal! Headphones recommended. In case you do not have headphones you can check out DriveTribers favourite headphones here. With all the hi-tech loaded launch, Lamborghini has added a car configurator as well. Would you believe that we used to get excited about the configurator getting launched? Now I am busy enjoying the engine sound and figuring out which next interesting place I can place my Lambo. Show me where you have placed your Lamborghini in the comments or if you are old school show me the configuration of your dream Lamborghini.