A picture from my photoshoot

-Look at me.

A lot of times people ask me how I get access to a particular location, venue or private premises. All I say is “I just asked them” that is about as simple as it gets. They, however, they do review my portfolio before giving access. That is but obvious.

-Front End

At heart, I am a romantic idealist. I also do have a realistic side of my personality. I wish everything was black & white but we live in a gray world of duality. So my personality adopts to that gray as well, understanding that to create true black and white you have to pass through the grey.

My overactive imagination imagines these wild and crazy locations with amazing cars and scenery. Each and every-time different, unique and completely awesome. Obviously, I am limited by time & money. I firmly do believe I have the time to create as it is my ultimate goal. I actually believe that true creation can solve money issues which will help me create even bigger & better. The background score in my mind right now is Kanye West’s “Stronger”.

-Gold & Blue

Coming to the topic of cars. Do you know which color is associated with Mercedes Benz? It is silver. I assume at one point of time Mercedes designers would design the car as per if it would look good in silver.

If I am not mistaken when the W220 S class was sold the color it had to be it in was silver. In fact, that time silver was the most popular color choice world over.

-It is not silver.

Now you must be wondering as to why I am talking about the color when the car in question is a gold Mercedes-Benz SL-280. Well, I have seen quite a few classic cars and photographed quite a few of them and when I saw this car especially in this rustic environment of a steelyard with setting sun casting its light upon the golden body and sky-blue top I couldn’t help notice as to how good the paint finish is. Such an old car and the paint was immaculate. It was deep and felt it had multiple layers of gold inbuilt into it. The way it shined, shimmered and reflected everything. I wish you were there to witness the golden glow. Every supermodel wishes for her skin to glow the way this car glowed in the sunset.

-Steel Yard


Coming to the signature of this car the pagoda roof. Now this being a two-tone car the roof is painted in this sky-blue color. I never thought that this combination would look so elegant and tasteful. It just makes the car stand out. This car has been heavily customized with a rare ZF 5-speed gearbox, air conditioning. The original engine has been bored to 3.3L. It was ordered specially for Laro Sportwagen in Germany. Only 2 were ever built.


Oh, by the way, did you see the interiors of this car? That cream leather looks so soft and supple that I feel I can just eat it up. It is elegantly understated and beautiful. When you see this car, you feel like a child in front of a cake with a lot of frosting. You just want to dip your finger into a thick layer of frosting and lick it! Who did think that gold, blue, chrome, and cream would be worth $300,000 today?


-Streaming, MP3, CD, Audiocassette. What are you talking about?