-F Type at YAS Marina F1 Circuit in Abu Dhabi

Couple of weeks back I got invited by Jaguar to experience their cars on a track setting. Excited to drive cars on a F1 circuit I reach couple of hours ahead of my designated time slot. Plus I wanted to take a few pictures as well.

So here I am done taking pictures awaiting my turn on the track. The instructor comes out and says ” I am driving a F type 2 ltr” and you will be driving the V6. Try to keep up and follow my line. I am thinking ” ok lets go”. Excited I go and drive the car or track having a great time! Now the V6 is like being at home. It just felt so familiar, easy going and makes you feel confident with your driving ability. You would love to push this car and push it to its limits. It is a brilliant everyday sportscar!


I did also did drive the XF V6, XE V6, XE 2 ltr, F Pace and E Pace (now the E pace I loved. Superb crossover)

Next week a friend a calls and says I want to buy a V8 sportscar. I say ” perfect, we have the perfect two contenders for you. Let’s go and drive them”.

The Jaguar F type V8 again feels superb. The ride, handling etc is perfectly setup for everyday use. It did not feel too hard or gruff. Now the Mercedes AMG GT. This is a scary car! Now you sit low and the long front end feels never ending. Feels like it is a cliff drop on the end of that. The drive! Now this car is outright scary. If you have never driven a V8 car DO NOT TRY THIS ONE. This car just accelerates. It keeps on going and if you keep on going you will land up straight in jail. This is an extremely fast car and to really understand it you need an empty private road. Not a public one.

-F Type


Making the E Pace go through it paces. It has an amazing turning radius. Feels extremely manageable.