It is widely known as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. To the point being that when it was showed to the public at Geneva in 1961 Enzo Ferrari himself called it the “Most beautiful car ever made.”

Now beauty is always in the eye of the beholder but you have to give it to the E Type and its design team. The way it has aged is amazing. It retains it’s original elegance, charm and luxury feel. In this modern day of hypercar speed, it still looks and feels fast. It was the fastest production car of its time. More than everything else it looks desirable. Very desirable!


Kudos to the design team. Designed by Malcolm Sayer who used to be an aerodynamicist and used to design aircraft during World War Two. In fact, when you take a look at the long rounded nose you may be able to see some resemblance to the early jet fighters or even submarines of that time. The perfect GT car.


When I see the car in today’s time all I can do is imagine about how it would be own this car. It makes me romanticise. I feel I am a gentleman racer when I am around this car. Just casually pulling in to the 5-star Bvlgari Hotel in Dubai for a cup of espresso and cake over the weekend. Dressed in a summer blazer, slacks, and driving loafers. I am ready to relax over the weekend on my private yacht which is berthed in the private marina of the hotel.




For Video Click the link below. 



I would like to thank Tomini Classics for bringing out this lovely car for my photoshoot. This car is for sale and here is the attached link to their entire collection

Also a big thank you to the Bvlgari Hotel Dubai for some superb location access and hospitality. Here is the link to their website

Videography by Kanchan Megchiani.

Edited by Shreyak Bopanna.