With SUV sales increasing day by day, the very existence of sedans or saloon cars is under threat. The demand for these SUVs is so high that all car makers regardless of their history, pedigree or specialty are making an SUV or are about to make an SUV.

Now I agree that some saloon cars don’t look good and have ZERO personality. But that isn’t the case with the segment which is known as Sportback or Coupe Sedan.


If every school kid on the road turns and looks at you driving your car, you definitely know that you have a looker. And the Audi A5 is a winner in this department.

I love the design. Taking cues from the Audi R8 is always a good thing.

The headlights and the bonnet is a clearly inspired from the R8 making the A5 looks nice and aggressive.

Obviously, the coupe-styled back end and profile look phenomenal. You truly think you own a 2 door rather than a 4 door. One has to talk about the frameless windows. They just look so uber cool and sexy. All cars should have frameless windows!


A 2.0-litre diesel with 190hp might not sound sexy, but it really is a masterpiece. Very few engines in this segment can top this one from Audi.

From inside the car during idle and while driving it you can never tell it is a diesel, and much less a turbocharged one.

There is absolutely no perceivable turbo lag and the car just pulls and keeps on pulling.

Even though 0-100 kph takes 7.9 seconds, the build-up of speed makes it seem much faster, and you never feel that you are in a slow car. For city driving and highway cruising this a very capable car.

This is a GT car disguised as 4 door sedan.


Now, this is no sports car, even though Audi would love you to think so. However, that being said it does handle pretty well.

The steering weighs up nicely telling you what the tires are doing and in which direction they are pointed at.

This car gives you a sense of confidence in as to what is going on with the car. It gives you enough information to know everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about. Like a butler who comes and checks on you every few minutes without being intrusive or in your face.


Do you really want to know about Audi interiors? It is like asking a Steve Jobs if he knew how to make iPhones.

The interiors are just fabulous. Minimalistic in design and extremely ergonomic. Everything is intuitively laid out and very logical.

This car comes with the optional S-Line kit so it was fully loaded.

– Full leather interiors

– Bang & Olufsen audio system with Apple and Android connectivity

– Sun/Moon Roof

– Virtual Cockpit

– Ambient Lighting

– Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Audi has pulled off a couple of neat tricks in their cars. One is how they have managed to make the cabin extremely quiet. With this quietness, you can really enjoy the audio system. It is crisp and clear, with the 3D sound it is almost concert-like feeling.

Secondly is the virtual cockpit. This feature makes me jump with joy! I loved using this feature and moving different screens around to suit my moment of need at that point in time.

Thirdly it is their wooden veneers. Almost all brands go with the highly polished and highly glossy veneers. Audi has chosen to the opposite to go with a matte variety of wooden veneer in which you can enjoy the feel of the grain of actual wood. I love that!

Yes, the interior of the back is tight especially with headroom because of the sloping roofline.


I am convinced to go buy this car as my daily driver.

It looks good. Has enough space for 4 adults. The boot can store enough luggage to transport half your home.

This is a true GT car disguised as 4 door saloon car. I can keep complimenting this car and find no fault in it.


Check out the video below. Shot in and around Mumbai, India.