Everyone loves a Concurs. At least I do. I prefer concurs over the big car shows. It is easy to get lost in the big car shows and the interaction with cars is quite limited due to massive crowds. However, a Concours d’elegance is much more intimate. They let you spend time near true automotive heroes.

Recently I had walked out of Gulf Concurs at Burj Al Arab the world’s only 7 Star hotel and lo behold while I waited for my Audi to be pulled out of the valet parking there on the side quietly and discretely stood a blue and white Bugatti Chiron, parked tightly between 2 Rolls Royce Ghosts. All I did was stand there and marvel at the thought process to required to create this kind of masterpiece. I did take some photographs as well. However, the true artists are the people who could make this car from a thought to a physical working, living and breathing beast.

Enjoy the pictures below.


Carbon Fibre

W16 & 1500 HP ! ( Imagine 1500 horses running at one time )

Aero is the key.

Got to love that.




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