I have been a big fan of Audis’. I bought my first luxury car in 2012. It was an Audi A4 2.0 Ltr with 180 BHP and the optional S-Line kit. I still have the car today and I do love it.

I like Audi’s concept of evolution rather than revolution. The looks just evolve. As if the cars are growing organically rather than getting designed by a human being. I feel that because all generations of their vehicles look so similar it kind of upholds the value of an older model. To a common person, it just makes it more difficult to identify as to how old the car actually is. I hope this keeps the resale value of older cars higher.

Audi A8


When you compare the cars from the previous generation luxury limousine segment I prefer the Audi A8. It looked more distinctive than the others. I was never a fan of the old S class. However, the 7 Series was a great looking car. Still, the A8 took the cake in that room.

Coming the new D5, Audi’s internal code name for the current A8. You really have to pay attention to differentiate between the older models.

Here are visual clues for you to differentiate between the older and newer models:-

1) New headlights



2) New grill.

New Grill


3) Dynamic OLED rear tail-lights.



Also, the shape of the car is changed. It looks flatter, more rectangular and longer than it’s previous siblings. Audi calls it “coupé-like silhouette”. Whatever is that supposed to mean? To me, it looks like an A8 and nothing else, which is good.

When one talks about an Audi they have to talk about the interiors. Audi really does make the best in class interiors. Their design, fit and finish is always impeccable.

The current theme they have gone ahead is with minimalistic. They removed all the buttons and replaced them with two digital screens. Even the air conditioning is controlled via a touchscreen.



Now the steering wheel. WOW! I love that design. It looks like it has been picked from a concept car and put to use in a production car.

What annoys me is that they went ahead with the piano black finish of interiors. This type of interior always gets dusty and is prone to dirty fingerprints easily.



In Dubai, we only have the long wheelbase version. Also, the car is available as of now only with one engine option. The A8L 55 TFSI. It is a 3-liter engine with 360 BHP.

Designed to ponder

You can see and feel the LWB


When I see the current Mercedes S -Class all I can imagine from it is a rapper chilling with his homies and driving around. It tries too hard to be a Rolls Royce (no harm in excelling at what you do).

I find that the current BMW 7-Series is too flashy. Too much chrome going around in that car.

When I see the current A8 I see a luxury limousine which is driven by a well dressed white-gloved chauffeur. A CEO sitting at the back using the modern communicating tools to work during his commute. Maybe just relax and take a power nap between meetings. Or just drive himself to the local golf course for a game of golf.

This car has been designed to make you feel like you are in the power seat.

Like you made it to top of the game. Understated but yet powerful. You do not work, you have others to get it done.

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