The Mille Miglia is known as one of the most beautiful races. However, this is not about the race but about one of the coolest places to visit in while you are in Dubai. With the world behaving the way it is at the moment Dubai is one of the few places on earth which has limited travel restrictions and is welcoming passengers from all across the globe. And if you are an auto enthusiast, Dubai is almost like Mecca for you. You have car culture for all sorts of enthusiasts the classic fellow, the tuner teen or hypercar fanboy Dubai has it all.

However, all owners and collectors are not flashing their latest acquisitions on the streets. Some collect cars only with pedigree and are usually quite discreet and secretive. One such collector is the owner of the Mille Miglia Art Gallery. He has one belief, and that is cars are not a mode of transportation but pieces of art, and that is how they should be kept, maintained and stored – as artwork. The collection was featured on Shmee’s YouTube channel where the collector’s Ferrari collection and memorabilia were showcased. All the pieces seen in the video have some attachment to the brand or motorsport.

Now this place is so discrete that most people living in the city do not know about its existence, let alone the location. I’ll tell you where it is. Just off the massive Sheikh Zayed Road, the Mille Miglia Art Gallery is located near the Porsche showroom. The owner now has taken up a few more shops near the original one shown in the video above and converted it into a walk-in art gallery for everyone. Here he has displayed his prized Porsche collection. But with the Porsches, he has also shown his Bugatti Chiron which is in the same shade as Cristiano Ronaldo. Behind the Bugatti is the prized Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato with its signature double-bubble roof and unique taillights.

Being a massive Ferrari collector obviously, there are a few Ferraris lying around. Now, this gallery is open to all with no entrance fees or charges; however, they are dealing in automotive memorabilia. As you walk around a lot of art will catch your eye. There is a collection of comic art and figurines by Guillermo Forchino. Forchino an Argentinian now living in Paris creates these figurines in almost caricature-like expressions in comical situations. All the pieces are produced in limited numbers and are collectables. Then there is the massively impressive collection of dioramas assembled by hand by Patrick Richard. No two are alike, and each has a unique certificate of authenticity. Each of these dioramas takes eighteen plus hours of careful assembly to make. I am sure you can find one of your cars in there, you just need to ask. Another impressive collection is of the scale cars and boats by EXOTO who makes authentic scale replicas of the real vehicles with no expense spared on the smallest detail. Over and above this there is a ton of other memorabilia, and you will be overwhelmed with what you see. No wall has been spared and every nook and cranny something car-related. You can spend hours in here understanding the history of automobiles, art, motorsport and not get bored. Just buy your coffee from the cafe next door. I am sure you would be confused what and where to look at just as I was.

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