Me? what is me? Defining oneself is usually one of the most uncomfortable things a person has to do regardless, of how confident they are. 

When trying to describe yourself to others, you usually have to go deal with stuff inside you which you do not like about yourself. Then come to terms with that and find good things about yourself and express that in the correct format without sounding self-obsessed or arrogant. 

Time to be arrogant. I am a digital content creator. Born and raised in Mumbai. My pursuit of personal independence and creativity took me to Dubai where I spent 11 years managing my family business. I really did not enjoy it. 

In this journey, I started learning to dabble in photography. I always enjoyed it but never could get the quality or exact picture that I had imagined. It was when I really got down to studying it that I realized enjoyed it quite a bit and became good at abstract and contemporary photography. A format that I feel allows me to create and express my unique viewpoint. Plus, getting appreciated for it did not hurt. 

Then I moved my focus to my other love, cars. Automobiles have always fascinated me.  As a child, I knew all the car names, makes, models, etc. Coming from India the number of cars available for sale throughout the country were quite limited. However, due to my parents taking us for international vacations every few months, I got to see and interact with various cars and brands. This made me very happy. I would love all the cars that I came across and would hound my relatives with questions about their cars. At that time a Toyota Corolla would excite me. Let alone an exotic car.  I could not wait till my 18th birthday so I could get my driving license and drive. I have always been in the pursuit of complete freedom ( I am still evolving my definition of this ). A car was the physical manifestation of this freedom. Drive anywhere at any time. Complete control of your decision. 

I decided to photograph automobiles and create unique content around them. That is why we are here. 

My “about me” remains incomplete as I will keep adding more to this as time goes by.  I guess everyone would like to keep adding to their “about me”, this is the whole point of life anyways. 

The Cornea Impression is about how the universe makes an impression on me.
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– Shivaum Punjabi.